Class of 2019 |  High School

The hesitation wasn't with the photographer, but with the student's choice of location, downtown Detroit. Jeff put me at ease as he is well familiar with Detroit's photo locations.

Would you recommend Jeff:

Exceptional service was provided from the beginning to the end.  The pictures are just beautiful!  The finish on the individual photos is very nice. Jeff's direction during the session sure paid off in the final photos!

-Anne (Anna's Aunt)






Class of 2019 | Home Schooled

From first contact with Jeff, we have always had a great experience. He is so easy to talk to. He takes your ideas and makes them a reality. Nothing is too crazy of an idea for him. Payton was submerged in water for goodness sake and he was right in the water with her to get that perfect shot. He has a great vision for what he wants each shot to look like and they come out perfect. We have loved all of the products that we have ordered.

Favorite Part:

It felt like we were at a modeling shoot rather than just a senior shoot. It seemed as though you were just as excited about having the session as we were.

-Tara (Payton's mother)


Class of 2019 | Saline High School

No Hesitations in working with Jeff.  The whole process was great.  The photo shoot turned out to be fun. Jeff was able to get Grant to take great photos.

Was the services and products worth it:

Yes.  The photos were beautiful.  He got the most from the different locations of the shoot.
The product choices were large and showcased the photo shoot.  

-Brent (Grant's father)






Class of 2019 | Dundee High School

I would recommend Jeff to anyone in need of a photographer. He was very professional throughout the whole experience. His photos turned out amazing and the selection process was very difficult because there were so many beautiful pictures to choose from.

The only hesitation I had about working with Jeffrey J O'Connell photography was related to cost. As senior year proves to be very expensive, I was trying to stay within a certain budget for pictures. Jeff was very upfront and honest about the cost revealing his prices to me ahead of booking his services.

-Tara (Lauren's mother)


Class of 2019 | Woodhaven High School

Coming into the session, we didn't know much about the photographer (Jeff O'Connell)and thought it was going to be very awkward being you were a male, but you made Cassidy feel so comfortable during the entire session with your fun and wacky personality that it put her to ease when she was posing in your not every day pose

Favorite Part

My favorite part was the all over experience. This is something that myself and daughter have been looking forward to for many years and all though we could have had better weather, it was the memories that we will share for a lifetime and the bad weather is just a part of the story we can laugh at now. You would never know by the shots that Jeff took that it was rainy, super windy and COLD!!!

-Darcy (Cassidy's mother)






Class of 2018 | Dearborn High School

We loved how Jeff really wanted to be sure we were happy with the pictures, location, and selections.  He kept our whole family involved with the process.

Would you recommend Jeff

Yes, I would send everyone to Jeff, especially for Senior pictures.  I would show them David's pictures as a sample as well as Jeff's website and how talented he is at getting just the right shot.  I would also share our experience on the shoot day, going from location to location and how accommodating Jeff was.

-Susan (David's mother)


Class of 2018 | Southgate Anderson High School

I have never had any hesitations, I have known Jeff for several years and I find him a highly ethical and moral  man

Was the services and products worth it:

Don't tell Jeff, but i would have paid more. the quality of the work is amazing

-James (Allyssa's father)






Class of 2018 | Dearborn High School

It was easy, extremely effective in creating treasurable memories of this special time of their lives ! It is so worth the investment of money to capture their essence at this age! Hire him 

Favorite Part:

Jeff helped my son, Chris, who has Down syndrome, feel so accepted & relaxed. Jeff created a sacred safe space so Chris’s true essence was expressed in his eyes & expressions ! It was magical in every way! ( he also let us coordinate with Chris’s girlfriend so they were able to take photos together as a couple ! It was so special & the photos turned out amazing !

-Mary (Chris' mother)


Class of 2018 | Carlson High School

Your Favorite Part:

The reveal. I was amazed by the background and lighting you found in nature.

Something important people should know:

You are a very gifted photographer. You were great with my son and always friendly and professional.  

-Tanya (Colby's mother)

Would you recommend me:

Overall outstanding quality. The pictures captured so much more than just our son. Great lighting and beautiful backgrounds. The various products offered made it difficult for my wife to narrow it down. She basically wanted every pic taken and each product offered.

Was the services and products worth it:
Absolutely. The professional quality of the pictures and products were well worth the price.

- Tim (Colby's Father)







Class of 2018 | Carlson High School

Jeff made Jarrett relaxed from the beginning and kept a great attitude and sense of humor throughout the shoot, despite Jarrett's initial hesitation and ambivalence about the whole process. The quality of the photos was great and the retouching work was excellent. We loved the variety of products offered

Hows was working with me?

Jeff is very easy to work with and made my son, who hates to get his picture taken, very comfortable. The quality and creativity of the photographs were fantastic.

-Jennifer (Jarrett's mother)


Class of 2018 | Allen Park High School

My only hesitation was that Foster did not want his picture taken (except for the yearbook photo).  I was apprehensive about the outfit changes as well.  Instead, you worked at Foster's level and worked to make him comfortable with the shots and poses.  The pictures exceeded my expectations.

Was the services and products worth it:

I definitely felt the images were worth it.  You have a creative mind, and saw art in simple backgrounds that photographed beautifully. You were attentive to Foster and your communication is great. The images we received are very professional- and we appreciated the time you took to review them with us and help us with our selections.

-Ann(Foster's mother)





Class of 2018 | Salem High School

It was a fun and new experience and I loved how the pictures turned out. Everything was done beautifully.

Favorite Part:

My favorite part was posing for the pictures and getting a sneak peek of them. Also, I loved sharing the pictures on social media.



Class of 2018 | Carlson High School

The only hesitation I had about working with Jeffrey J O'Connell photography was related to cost. As senior year proves to be very expensive, I was trying to stay within a certain budget for pictures. Jeff was very upfront and honest about the cost revealing his prices to me ahead of booking his services.

Would you recommend Jeff:

I would recommend Jeff to anyone in need of a photographer. He was very professional throughout the whole experience. His photos turned out amazing and the selection process was very difficult because there were so many beautiful pictures to choose from.

-Pam (Olivia's mother)





Class of 2018 | Airport High School

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! We loved all of them. You are very easygoing and fun to work with. In fact, were doing another session with you in the fall!!

Was the services and products worth it:

Oh my gosh! Yes they were beautiful!! You suggested the metal for one of our images and it's gorgeous!! The color pops!

-Jackie (Shannon's mother)


Class of 2017 | Trenton High School

I had two hesitations: that I wouldn't be able to do any of my ideas or my pictures would be your basic senior pictures and not represent my personality but I was completely wrong. Jeff worked with my ideas and inspirations. He was great to work with and my pictures turned out amazing and different than anyone elses.

Was the services and products worth it:

Yes, comparing my pictures to others and I noticed that Jeff had me do little things in pictures that made a huge difference in the overall look that others did not do.  One and done is not your style of photography. Jeff had me change outfits and scenery so mang different times but they were worth it. You always trying new things for pictures and its really cool.







Class of 2017 | Home Schooled

We have recommended Jeffrey J. O'Connell Photography to everyone.  We have told them of; while it was a professional shoot from the beginning through to the end, we thoroughly enjoyed working with you because you were very personable, funny and very much like a friend we have always known.  There was never an uncomfortable feeling.  Both my daughter and I are very shy but we both felt very comfortable.  The products were so gorgeous!!! We get tons of compliments.  Especially the book.  People rave about the book!!

Favorite Part:

Oh my goodness... from the beginning to the end was our favorite.  From the excitement of getting to the location to the previews that you showed me on your camera that took my breath away and then picking out the pictures which, once again, took my breath away and then when we got to pick them all up.  It felt like Christmas!

-Tara (Morgan's mother)


Class of 2017 | Woodhaven High School

Jeff was very accommodating with our appointment, and gave us plenty of time to complete our photo shoot; never felt rushed.  Quality of the photos was outstanding and flexibility with packages got us exactly what we wanted, at a very reasonable price.

Hows was working with me?

Jeff is very passionate about the quality of his pictures, and will offer his opinions as necessary.  He also has a keen eye for great scenery to capture the best pictures, and will lay on the ground to get the best shot if needed.

-Yolanda (Devin's mother)





Class of 2017 | Allen Park High School

One word: wow. Jeff is an expert at taking an ordinary photo and turning it into a master piece. He doesn't just take a photo and print it out. He takes many hours and days to edit and make sure you are the best looking you that is out there.

At first, I was very nervous because I didn't feel comfortable in front of the camera. After my first session, I felt like a star. All the nerves went away and I instantly became connected to the camera! I felt unstoppable!!

What should people know about Jeffrey J. O'Connell photography and was it worth it?

The most important thing to know while working with Jeff is to just have fun! Me and Jeff built a wonderful, goofy connection which made every session together a blast. Don't be afraid or shy, he doesn't bite (well I hope not). Another good tip is that certain poses are weird and when he shows them to you it's is even more weird and it's okay to laugh because the end result will make your jaw drop!

I 100% agree that the images I have received are worth it! Not one person thinks that these are my senior pictures. They think they are modeling quality pictures because of how dynamic and unique they are. Everyone around me is always shocked that these are my senior pictures and are amazed at how different they are. I always wanted to stand out and be different with my senior pics, and Jeff has helped me achieve that!



Class of 2017 | St. Mary Catholic Central High School

I wasn't sure about what to expect about the locations, ie as this was our first child having their senior pictures taken, I did not know what to look for in a location, and what to expect about how a location would come through in a photograph. Going to different locations around downtown Monroe and to the soccer field Jeff was able to turn any location into a photo gem, as he was able to make the background look amazing in the photographs, and bring out the aspects of our son, and enhance the background.

Overall great, to the spots that were chosen to take photos at, to the photos that were resulted, to the final product. I think it's important to have trust in the experience of what Jeff has to offer, because going through this process, and then having the final product delivered, we were very pleased with everything!!

What should people know about Jeffrey J. O'Connell photography and was it worth it?

That you have explained to us the process from the very beginning what to expect even if we didn't specifically ask, it was re assuring to know what to expect, and what thought process we might have in choosing one photo over the other. That the whole process was more enjoyable then I thought it would be, and we have been very happy with the end result.

Very well worth it, I have had so many compliments on not only the photographs themselves, the background, and yes how handsome my son is:) but also the product ie the different types of photos we were able to  get, from the photo book to the metal photos that hang in our living room.

-Laura (Dante's mother)





Class of 2016 | Allen Park High School

My favorite part was the different locations he took us to! And I also loved the fact that he's an open book and honest about what he sees through the lens. I've always been a fan of not beating around the bush and if even the slightest thing was not right for the picture he would have you adjust or fix it and I loved that! His honesty and input really made the pictures turn out beautifully!

Was it worth it?

Absolutely!! No doubt about that, all the images were so artistic, beautiful, and some very special candid moments that he happened to catch on camera. One image he captured of me was me looking over my shoulder while laughing at what my mom was doing and he got the perfect shot of me genuinely laughing and the image made her cry because it was a true moment that enveloped the person I am!



Class of 2016 | South Lyon East High School

I was a little hesitant about the entire process, but mostly the cost of senior pictures.  I have heard horror stories about parents spending thousands of dollars.  As a single parent, that is not in my budget.  This definitely did not come true and I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to get the prints I wanted and a little more that fit into my budget.

What should people know about Jeffrey J O'Connell Photography?

Jeff is a very talented photographer.  However, I think the most important thing is his passion for the art of photography.  When you are with Jeff you feel like the most important subject that he is photographing.  Even after the session when he is looking at the pictures and editing, you can feel how much he loves doing this and how committed he is to delivering the best product he can.  Thank You!  I can't say enough of how happy I was with Austin's pictures.

-Melissa (Austin's mother)